Chobe National Park

‘The Land of the Giants’

Aptly and fondly known as ‘The Land of the Giants’, Chobe National Park in the northern region of Botswana was established – 1968 and remains it’s third’s largest park at 4.1 square miles. It is home to Africa’s largest elephant population in both number and size, as well as a diverse concentrations of wildlife in the country.

Chobe offers a traveler an opportunity to embark on unforgettable game drives, cast a line and wrestle your first tiger fish from the Chobe River and meet the people behind the destination on a village tour. For a thrilling end of a memorable day, take a sunset cruise along the mighty Chobe River and watch pods of hippos, as well as herds of elephants drink and splash around on the river bank. Also along the riverfront are herds of cape buffalos, crocodiles, plenteous waterbucks, and almost inconceivable wealth of birdlife, whilst the park also offers predators of lions, leopards and hyenas. This is just a small glimpse of what Chobe has to offer.

Chobe Safari Logde

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