'The Jewel of the Kalahari’

Welcome to this place of exquisite beauty. The Okavango Delta is situated deep within the Kalahari Basin, and is often described as ‘the jewel of the Kalahari’. It is one of the world’s largest inland water systems that rises in Angola’s western highlands, then flows through northern Namibia and finally enters Botswana, where it is called the Okavango. Seen from space as an emerald swirl surrounded by a parched landscape, the delta is a miraculous source of life in a country that is 80% arid. It covers over 15,000km² with a lush water-wilderness of papyrus swamps, shallow reed-beds and floodplains, dotted with islands and laced with a network of channels.

The 1000th site to be inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2014, the Okavango Delta is an important wildlife area protected by both the Moremi Game Reserve, on its eastern edge, and the numerous wildlife concessions within Ngamiland.

The Okavango Delta is widely regarded as one of Africa’s best safari destinations, with its rich diversity of the flora and fauna. It truly gives travellers the opportunity to gaze at it from different angles by air, water and land. This area is an ideal setting for nature lovers as it has the perfect combination of adventurous activities such as mokoro trails, walking safaris, and laid back leisure activities like game driving, bird watching, fishing and the list goes on. This is Botswana with Explore Botswana 360⁰.


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